CAD Automation Services

With several decades of CAD software experience, the Verikwest team has been responsible for developing and delivering several proprietary CAD tools for our customers. Our service engagements and areas of expertise in CAD include:

  • State-of-the-art regression system development that targets both simulation farms and emulation farms
  • Jenkins based continuous-integration and regression platforms for software development
  • Register management tools based on IPXACT (and other proprietary formats)
  • ANTLR and Bison based parsers for standard and proprietary languages
  • Java based System integration platform with proprietary databases (based on MySQL, EMF Store)
  • Proprietary tools for SOC integration
  • C++/QT based graphical representation of register views
  • AWS cloud-based regression system for running SystemC regressions
  • Proprietary quality monitoring and bug tracking systems

For more information about our CAD services, please contact us