Machine Learning

Verikwest has developed expertise in several machine learning technologies, specifically in anomaly detection and image recognition. We have
recently architected, developed and delivered a project for a client, for network traffic analysis. Another application we are working on now is to
triage customer feedback reports. We also have previous experience with machine learning for fingerprint recognition, which also includes the
relevant image processing technology.


We have expertise in the following aspects of ML:

  • Modeling and architecting the overall intelligence system
  • Data collection from real data sources
  • Feature Engineering, based on the parameters of the ML problem
  • Data Analysis on the cloud, based on state-of-the-art ML algorithms
  • Implementation of reporting systems when discrepancies are detected in the data


Our areas of expertise in ML domain also include

  • Implementing ML algorithms in Python using ML packages such as Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow packages
  • Image processing and Pattern Recognition domain expertise for ML
  • Fingerprint feature extraction and recognition
  • Applications of ML to EDA/CAD domains especially with a focus on triaging


For more information about our ML expertise and services, please contact us