Handling Resets in a UVM-Based AXI Testbench

Despite being a common requirement, handling hardware resets in a verification environment has always been beset by a host of challenges, including:

  • Reset behavior has to be propagated to all testbench components.
  • All UVM components such as driver monitor and scoreboard should be capable of reacting to the reset (i.e., they should be made reset aware).
  • All pending sequences already scheduled by the test should be removed from all sequencers and virtual sequencers.
  • Once the system comes out of reset the traffic should be re-generated to the DUT.

When a reset happens, special reset handling capabilities are especially important for the driver. This problem gets further exacerbated in AXI environments for two reasons.

  • The AXI interface has multiple channels, each of which work independently, and /li>
  • the AXI protocol supports out-of-order responses and multiple outstanding transactions.

In this project, we modeled all the UVM testbench components for an AXI-based environment, with a capability to handle on-the-fly resets

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