Verification Services

Verikwest offers verification services to several semiconductor companies. We have been able to leverage our value-added verification solutions to improve verification efficiency and help customers meet incredibly tight deadlines. Our verification service engagements and areas of expertise include:

  • Block level RTL verification projects with UVM and OVM test creation
  • Implementation of UVM scoreboard
  • Automated UVM testbench stitching and creation with 3rd party VIPs
  • Specialized Register testing sequences using UVMReg
  • Verification of complex SOCs, including creation of C based testbenches
  • Creation of custom VIPs for both emulation and simulation environments
  • Conversion of legacy testbenches to the most recent UVM methodology
  • VIP migration from one vendor to another
  • Simulator migration projects
  • VIP development for standard and proprietary protocols
  • Transactor development for emulation platforms
  • SOC verification of RISC-V based SOC platform

For more information about our verification services, please contact us